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Model Function Withstand voltage Port current Accuracy Temperature range Packaging form Specifications
CYT101D destroboscopic 90V ≤30mA - -40℃~150℃ SOT23-3 Download >
CYT8000D Constant current/switch dimming palette 500V Max 100mA ±5% -40℃~150℃ ESOP-8 Download >
CYT8000C Switch to adjust brightness/color temperature 500V Max 60mA ±3% -40℃~150℃ ESOP-8
CYT8014TG Compatible with thyristor dimming 750V 5mA-100mA ±4% -40℃~145℃ ESOP-8
CYT8013TG Compatible with thyristor dimming 750V 5mA-60mA ±4% -40℃~145℃ ESOP-8
CYT8012TG Compatible with thyristor dimming 450V 5mA-60mA ±3% -40℃~140℃ ESOP-8
CYT8011TG Constant current/built-in dual chip/thyristor dimming 500V ≤60mA ±3% -40℃~140℃ ESOP-8 Download >
CYT3000B Constant power/low THD/ high surge resistance 750V/550V 最大100mA ±5% -20℃~120℃ ESOP-8 Download >
CYT3000C Constant power 450V/250V Max 80mA ±5% -20℃~120℃ ESOP-8
CYT3000D Constant power 700V/500V Max 100mA ±5% -40℃~100℃ ESOP-8
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